The 7th Scientific Conference, Promo :

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The 7th Scientific Conference, Dr. Mamoun Mobayed, President of SAMH, 7th Conference Chair :


The 7th Scientific Conference, Dr. Moutaa Barakat, 7th Conference Scientific Committee Chair:


Location of the 7th Scientific Conference, SAMH:


The 7th Scientific Conference, Dr. Yasser Shalabi, 7th Conference Admin Committee Chair :

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The 7th Scientific Conference, Dr. Ahmad Al-Mrayati, 7th Conference Media Committee Chair :

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The SAMH 7th Conference Committees:

Dr. Mamoun Mobayed
Conference Chair

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mrayati
Conference Co-Chair

Dr. Mouta Barakat
Scientific Committee Chair

Scientific Committee

Prof. Mohammed Abou-Saleh
Dr. Mamoun Mobayed
Dr. Ahmed Al-Mrayati
Dr. Redwan El-Khayat
Dr. Nadim Almoshmosh
Dr. Mohammad Aljundi
Dr. Mulham El-Heraki
Dr. Jassem Almansour
Dr. Khaldoun Marwa
Dr. Issa Almansour
Dr. Mohammad Ayman
Dr. Wissam Mahasneh
Dr. Khaled Nassif

Dr. Yasir Ashalabi
Admin Committee Chair

Admin Committee

Dr. Mamoun Mobayed – SAMH president
Dr. Ahmed Al-Mrayati
Assad Shamsi - General Secretary of Başakşehir Academy
Ammar Alabdo
Aziza Mahmoud Ali
Zelal Farhat
Fatema Asaad
Khaled Albagha

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mrayati
Media Committee Chair

Media Committee

Dr. Mamoun Mobayed – SAMH president
Kaaf Media
Khaled Albagha

The 7th Conference Registration period: from 01/03/2019 to 10/04/2019

The Registration for the 7th Conference will be open Today 01/03/2019 to 10/04/2019.

The 7th Conference fees:

How much?

The registration fee is 100 Turkish lira for all, nonrefundable in any way after the payment, & includes only attending the 7th conference activities & obtaining the attendance certificate issued by SAMH.

When & Where to pay?

Am 20/4/2019,You will be at 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM on the conference Location.

The 7th Conference Location: Başakşehir Islam Akademisi

Address: Başak Mahallesi, Yunus Emre Cad. No 20, 34480 Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 535 642 50 93

Hotel near the 7th Conference Location: Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Kayasehir

Any person who needs to stay in the Hotel, must directly book himself the suitable room in the suitable hotel for him, and is not required in the hotel mentioned above ... The Association will have no connection to hotel reservations / bookings for this year.

Address: Kayabasi Mah. Sehit Mustafa Bozoklu Cad. No 5/1, 34306 Basaksehir, İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90-212-6924600

Fax: +90-212-6924630

7th Conference Roll-up Banners: (Türkçe)




7th Conference Roll-up Banners: (Arabic)




7th Conference Roll-up Banners: (EN)




Details of The 7th Annual Scientific Conference:

- PDF Files:

1- Arabic Poster

2- English Poster

3- Turkish Poster

- Image Files:

1- Arabic Poster

2- English Poster

3- Turkish Poster

The 7th Annual Scientific Conference:

Conference Topics:

1. Development, rehabilitation and training of mental health professionals (selected examples):

     1.1. University education for psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals: modalities, duration, conclusion and curricula - present and future.

    1.2. Integrating university education with health practice and training in institutions (hospitals, professional associations, health centers, educational institutions and governmental institutions such as prisons or courts).

2. Requirements and challenges to the training of Syrian mental health professionals in Syria and in host countries.

3. Positive and successful experiences in the training of Syrian mental health professionals (selected example).

4. Mental health policies in the countries hosting Syrians and lesson learned for better training of mental health professionals.

5. Requirements for mental health care for better access to integrated mental health policy (essential elements of the model of care).

6- The role of specialized associations in the integration with governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with mental health.

7. Scientific research in mental health: present and future.

Conference Languages:

Languages spoken by lecturers, Doctors and Professors at the SAMH 7th Scientific Conference: Turkish, English and Arabic.

We would like to inform you that there are simultaneous translation of lectures between Arabic, English and Turkish languages.

Call for Abstracts:

We welcome your abstract submissions. Share your knowledge from around the world. Share a scientific research or presenting a workshop, or a poster, or a report or a lecture on the subject of the 7th conference. You find the abstract form on the following post. the deadline for Abstract Submission is 15/2/2019. Please submit your abstract with your brief of CV to the following E-mail shown below:


Abstract Form:

MS-Word Files:

1- Arabic Word Template

2- English Word Template

3- Turkish Word Template

PDF Files:

1- Arabic PDF Template

2- English PDF Template

3- Turkish PDF Template