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Details of The 7th Annual Scientific Conference:

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The 7th Annual Scientific Conference:

Conference Topics:

1. Development, rehabilitation and training of mental health professionals (selected examples):

     1.1. University education for psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals: modalities, duration, conclusion and curricula - present and future.

    1.2. Integrating university education with health practice and training in institutions (hospitals, professional associations, health centers, educational institutions and governmental institutions such as prisons or courts).

2. Requirements and challenges to the training of Syrian mental health professionals in Syria and in host countries.

3. Positive and successful experiences in the training of Syrian mental health professionals (selected example).

4. Mental health policies in the countries hosting Syrians and lesson learned for better training of mental health professionals.

5. Requirements for mental health care for better access to integrated mental health policy (essential elements of the model of care).

6- The role of specialized associations in the integration with governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with mental health.

7. Scientific research in mental health: present and future.

Conference Languages:

Languages spoken by lecturers, Doctors and Professors at the SAMH 7th Scientific Conference: Turkish, English and Arabic.

We would like to inform you that there are simultaneous translation of lectures between Arabic, English and Turkish languages.

Call for Abstracts:

We welcome your abstract submissions. Share your knowledge from around the world. Share a scientific research or presenting a workshop, or a poster, or a report or a lecture on the subject of the 7th conference. You find the abstract form on the following post. the deadline for Abstract Submission is 15/2/2019. Please submit your abstract with your brief of CV to the following E-mail shown below:


Abstract Form:

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